Are you Ready for Growth?

A work group is meeting and is looking at a number of post-it notes on a wall.

You’re excited about the future! You’ve got an ambitious strategy to grow and scale a proven program so that you can reach many more people!

But are you really ready for growth?

The unfortunate reality is that too many organizations find themselves overwhelmed by the practical challenges of managing growth.

Do you remember what it was like to be a growing teenager – clothes that no longer fit? Too-small shoes that pinch your feet? It’s the same for organizations – systems and processes that might have been appropriate for you at a certain size no longer work well when you expand – more staff, more locations, more management and accountability.

So you may want to ask yourself this important question: Are we ready for growth?

  • Have we done the internal work required so that we are ready to scale when the new investments arrive?
  • Are the leaders aligned on the growth strategy, and do they understand that some of the current ways of doing things will need to be disrupted to enable growth?
  • Will our workplace culture support and enable growth, can it help integrate and enable new hires to become effective team members?
  • Do we have resilient processes for learning and adaptation – as it is unlikely that our growth will be smooth sailing?

I’ve worked with many growing organizations over the years. I’ve developed a framework called “The Prepared Organization” as a guide to help organizations identify 6 areas they can helpfully explore.

Purpose & Identity: Are you clear on the mission of your organization? Do you have a strong sense of identity – who you are?

Guiding Strategy: Do you have a strategy that provides a clear direction? Does it guide all parts of the organization?

Proven Approach: Does your Signature Approach work? Consistently? How do you know this?

Aligned Leaders: Are all your leaders working together, guided by your Purpose and Strategy?

 People & Processes: Do your People and Processes have the capacity to grow? Will your culture support this?

Learning & Adaptation: How well do you take in and make sense of changes and trends? Can you flex, adapt and innovate?

As you discover the answers to these and similar questions, you should prioritize the things that need attention. Doing so before you begin to grow will position you for greater success, and a smoother path, in achieving your ambitious strategy.

Download a visual summary of The Prepared Organization guide.


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