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We are a management consulting firm that leads our clients through change and growth. With more than 20 years international experience, our global outlook enables us to see different ways to do things and to bring diverse people together to move forward. As a result, our clients are stronger, more successful, and positioned for future growth.

Through our expertise in organizational development, facilitation, and training, we work with our clients as partners, vested in our clients’ success as fully as in our own.


Our Work

Rebuilding Trust in a Geographically Dispersed Team

The Situation:
Trust and relationships had broken down in a team whose members were in three different locations. A series of events had resulted in staff refusing to speak with one another or cooperate on important organizational projects. The team’s work was critical for the organization’s operations, and the situation was beginning to have a wider effect across the organization and its partners. More >

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News & Views

Randel Consulting Associates wins contracts for Team Effectiveness and Leadership Coaching.

We closed out 2017 with two successful contract awards, following competitive procurement selection processes, for Team Effectiveness and Leadership Coaching services. These contracts, in addition to the numerous other contracts we were awarded over the course of the year, allow leading public sector organizations to draw on our award-winning organization development, facilitation and learning services.

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