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Sow the seeds of sustained and impactful growth

Are you a leader struggling to bring your organization with you?
You’re in the right place.
We’re here to support you through the complex challenges of change and growth.

Change is inevitable.

It is also complicated, chaotic and confusing.

As your organization evolves, you quickly realize the skills that got you this far aren’t suited to the new challenges you’re now facing.

You start feeling unsure, your team begins to struggle and before you know it, the wheels are falling off.

There is conflict. Infighting. Politics. Your staff aren’t engaged.

Morale is decreasing, turnover is increasing.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Using our proven Seasons of Growth Framework™, we are your guide as you lead your organization through transition.

We place a strong emphasis on listening, and work out what makes you and your
people tick.

Drawing on 25 years of experience with organizations around the world, we create
a bespoke intervention which we help you implement.

Through this process, team engagement increases, conflict decreases and your
organization is aligned on its vision for the future.

A bright future, one where you’re achieving results and increasing impact.

We are with you, from start to finish.

Lead like a gardener

RCA Seasons for Growth Framework™

Your role as a leader during times of change and growth is similar to the work of a gardener tending to their land.
Underpinning our practice, this framework helps build a strong foundation for transformation and sustained impact.

Phase 1


Assess the landscape

and make a plan.

Phase 2


Put the plan in

action, planting and

tending to the land.

Phase 3


Enjoy the fruits of your

labor, preparing for the next

cycle of change and growth.

Global Company - PharmaSenior Director
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“Michael worked with our teams to address key issues impacting effective operation across global sites. His team adeptly evaluated these issues, facilitating the teams in agreeing on recommendations, and we were able to resolve them.”
Global Company - Pharma Senior Director
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“I found Michael to be insightful in his coaching to our teams. His advice was tailored to our situation and our people, and not a boilerplate solution to a generalized problem.”
Financial Services CompanyDirector
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“I can confidently state we would not be as far along in the advancement of our organizational DEI initiative without the explicit support of Michael and his team. Their attention to the whole enterprise helped me pace this change in a deliberate manner, overcoming skepticism and gaining supporters and champions.”
Federal Aerospace AgencyDeputy Director
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“Michael’s successful engagement with me and my team and I had a big impact on how I operate today. By getting staff to open up, I learnt more about their experience and perspectives, leading me to modulate my approach significantly. I now enjoy very positive relationships with my current team.”
National Philanthropic FoundationExecutive Director
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"Michael was the right person to lead us through a very fragile and complex process. His expertise, patience, and guidance helped us get there. He has an extraordinary capacity to balance bold leadership with measured guidance. We have learned an enormous amount from him on how to work together on change."
Nonprofit Organization - Arts and CultureSenior Director
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“Michael and his team were core to our 5-year change initiative. They brought an inclusive facilitation style, steady follow-through, and were open to ideas and feedback. They have an ability to not only draw connections between ideas and people, but to also create the spaces in which all this comes together for transformational change.”
Nonprofit Organization - ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance)Director
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“Michael and his team were adept at navigating a very challenging time of leadership changes. We now have a higher level of engagement and cross-departmental collaboration in our Management Team, transforming how we lead change and growth.”
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