Meet Our Founder

My interest in group dynamics dates back to my time as a university student in South Africa in the 1980s. I was thrust into a living social experiment at the University of Natal, one of the few places at the time where Black and white people interacted as peers. I realized I wanted to support people so that they could have positive experiences as they worked together in groups, rather than being in conflict.

With the backdrop of the political protests against apartheid and the birth pangs of a new democracy, I spent almost a decade (first as volunteer, then as staff) inside a national youth development organization. My apprenticeship in organizational change had begun. I participated in the slow, painful transformation of a rigid, bureaucratic organization to one that was centered on meeting the needs of the majority of the youth across the country.

Everything I learned from this experience served me well as I then worked as an organizational change consultant – with nonprofits and government agencies across Southern Africa, and subsequently in a global capacity at the World Bank.

Interacting with a wide range of organizations, and working in a huge variety of sectors and settings, has sharpened my ability to observe, to see systems at work, to make connections, and to find different ways of doing things.

My interest was crystallized: how do we create the conditions to grow an effective organization that makes a sustained impact?

This led to the establishment of Randel Consulting Associates in 2010. My vision is to support clients who are genuinely engaged in leading change, designing holistic and tailored interventions that suit each organization.

To date, Randel Consulting Associates has supported over 150 organizations:

  • From those with a molecular focus (scientific researchers and drug development) to those with a galactic scale (space-based science and exploration), and everything in between!
  • From museums and cultural organizations to global financial institutions.
  • From consumer goods to human rights and the environment.

To each of our clients, we bring our distinctive and human-centered approach that is personalized to meet their unique circumstances. The result is that our clients face growth challenges with confidence – allowing them to lead their organizations to improved results and sustained impact.

Our Team

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve had one focus: helping our clients make a sustained impact.

Rather than a traditional and corporate one-size-fits-all formulaic approach, we begin with a comprehensive understanding of where you are and the unique challenges your organization is facing. We come equipped with the expertise and tools to gather information and make sense of it in a systematic manner.

The strategy for change we then create is holistic, bespoke to your organization and its needs. We support you with identifying the findings that resonate the most, and guide you as they are implemented.

Our use of the Gestalt approach to change helps you and your organization take ownership of how you show up in the world. We support you to understand how you operate in complex social and work systems, laying the foundation for sustainable transformation.

With over 25 years of experience of working with people from 170 countries, we equip you with the tools to think outside the box, solve complex business challenges and lay the foundation for future growth.

Michael Randel

Heather Berthoud

Sally Colella

Paul Cooper

Ayana Coston

Laurie Ellington

Tip Fallon

Christiane Frischmuth

Anne Hilb

Walt Hogan

Nancy Settle-Murphy

Dana Trevas

Chantelle Wyley


We are proud of the work our clients do. We thrive on knowing that when we help our clients be successful, they are able to strengthen their products or services and can make a positive contribution to the world.

150+ Clients – Over 300 major meetings – More than 10,000 participants
Supported over 70 team and organizational change processes
Consulted, Developed and Facilitated more than 50 major learning initiatives

Global Company - PharmaSenior Director
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“Michael worked with our teams to address key issues impactingaffecting effective operation across global sites. His team adeptly evaluated these issues, facilitating the teams in agreeing on recommendations, and we were able to resolve them.”
National Philanthropic FoundationProgram Officer
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“Michael and his team were core to our 5-year change initiative. They brought an inclusive facilitation style, steady follow-through, and were open to ideas and feedback. They have an ability to not only draw connections between ideas and people, but to also create the spaces in which all this comes together for transformational change.”
Financial Services CompanyDirector
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“I can confidently state we would not be as far along in theour advancement of our organizational DEI initiative without the explicit support of Michael and his team. Their attention to the whole enterprise helped me pace this change in a deliberate manner, overcoming skepticism and gaining supporters and champions.”
National Philanthropic FoundationExecutive Director
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"Michael was the right person to lead us through a very fragile and complex process. His expertise, patience, and guidance helped us get there. He has an extraordinary capacity to balance bold leadership with measured guidance. We have learned an enormous amount from him on how to work together on change."
Nonprofit Organization - Arts and CultureSenior Director
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“We were facing multiple, complex challenges, entailing reorganization and launching new ventures. Michael provided crucial assistance to our leadership in a wide variety of areas. His patience, humor, diplomacy, and broad knowledge has been invaluable.”
Financial Services CompanyVice President
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“After a deliberate process of assessing our company, Michael and his team synthesized their findings in an easy-to-understand format. They were able to deliver some uncomfortable findings and cultural observations to executive leadership. This was done in a way that didn’t raise hackles, instead resulting in a significant amount of buy-in for the change initiative.”
Federal Aerospace AgencyDeputy Director
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“Michael’s successful engagement with me and my team and I had a big impact on how I operate today. By getting staff to open up, I learnt more about their experience and perspectives, leading me to modulate my approach significantly. I now enjoy very positive relationships with my current team.”
Global Company - Pharma Senior Director
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“I found Michael to be insightful in his coaching to our teams. His advice was tailored to our situation and our people, and not a boilerplate solution to a generalized problem.”
Nonprofit Organization - Arts and CultureSenior Director
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“Michael and his team were core to our 5-year change initiative. They brought an inclusive facilitation style, steady follow-through, and were open to ideas and feedback. They have an ability to not only draw connections between ideas and people, but to also create the spaces in which all this comes together for transformational change.”
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