Develop a Stakeholder Assessment

You can learn a lot about stakeholder perceptions when you are mapping the current situation. In fact, you might even interview selected stakeholders during that step.

As a structured activity, the stakeholder assessment is an opportunity to have a conversation and consider what you are learning about stakeholders in your planned change and what they might think about it.

There are at least three elements in this assessment:

  • Who are they? Create a list of stakeholders. This could include individuals, teams/departments, other organizations.
    • If your list is very long, you can cluster related stakeholders into groups.
  • What are their interests? Explore what you know about their needs, interests, and any past/current dynamics with them.
    • Why are they a stakeholder in this change?
    • What might they want from any changes in the situation?
  • How to engage them? As a change leader, you benefit from knowing where your support lies, as well as who might be neutral or even opposed to the changes.
    • Can they be influenced to increase support and lower opposition?
    • How can you approach them to make this happen?


As with many other tools for leading change, it is best to approach this as a collaborative task. This can be the change team, and it can include the stakeholders themselves.


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