Seasons of Growth – a gardener’s approach to nonprofit expansion

Image of Michael Randel and the Whole Whale Podcast - the episode title is "Seasons of Growth - a gardener's approach to nonprofit expansion."

What can we learn from gardeners about organizational change and leadership?

Actually, quite a lot!

Gardeners are stewards of the land.
And good leaders recognize that they are stewards of their teams and organizations.
(Even if they are founders, they will most likely pass it on to someone else at a future time.)

Gardeners have to work with the ecosystem they have, not the one they wish they had.
Both gardeners and leaders benefit from carrying out an assessment to learn more. This helps them avoid focusing on the wrong things.

Gardeners need to ensure they have the right tools and equipment for the ‘current’ work, not for what may have worked in the past.
Leaders need to invest in and develop people and systems to face today’s work.

There are many more similarities between gardeners and organizational change and leadership!

You can learn more about this by listening to my latest podcast interview with George Weiner on the Whole Whale podcast.

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