Implementing Change

Implementing Change! Let’s get started already!

Well, not so fast…

As you may know from reading these newsletters, I think that being a leader of change is like being a gardener. You have to study the environment before you begin trying to change it. I call this the phase of Preparing, which includes the process of planning.

Once you’ve done that, isn’t it time to simply implement the plan?

Again, not so fast….

No plan survives its first contact with reality.

And the reality of implementation is that it requires your active attention as a leader. That’s why I refer to it as the phase of Cultivating. It’s a time in which you and your team carry out your plan while also adjusting and responding to the reality that confronts you.

Read on to find out what this entails.

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This is the critical phase when the plans you developed during the Preparing phase are finally being put into action.

Cultivating is the time for the leader, like a gardener, to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and begin engaging with the environment. The gardener tills the soil, disturbing roots and stones, in order to create a suitable environment for the seeds and saplings to grow in. Like the gardener, the leader’s focus is on influencing the conditions so change can occur.

This phase requires not only action, but also vigilance, carefully monitoring for unfavorable responses or unexpected developments. Just like the gardener notices that certain seedlings are not thriving, an empathetic leader is attuned to subtle changes that impact their desired outcome.

When something isn’t going according to plan, the gardener puzzles out a response. After understanding why reality differs from the plan, they consider what changes might need to be made. They might relocate certain plants, adjust their approach, or remove obstacles to progress.

Likewise, leaders keep a keen eye on any factors that might impede healthy growth. They remain focused on their long-term goal, striking a balance between action and adaptation, allowing the changes to progress.

As you can see, Cultivating is the central phase of the change process. Your plans are coming to fruition, although it may appear a bit different from what you expected at the outset.

By taking this approach to change, your long-term goals are now within reach. And your attention turns to the final phase… Harvesting. Stay tuned to find out more.

Gardening can be hard work! If you’re not bending over to till the soil and remove stones, you may be on your knees caring for seedlings.

It’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture when your focused on the details!. That’s why this week’s tool is a metaphor.

Get on the ladder!

Look up and around to see what’s happening and what might be moving towards you.

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