Good Riddance! And goodbye to all that…


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Good Riddance!

“I am thankful to see the last of that!”

“I am grateful that this will not bother me any longer!”

This Thanksgiving, I have a small suggestion to change the usual way we express thanks. Instead of only naming those things you appreciate and value, I invite you to consider:

What are you grateful to be rid of?

As a leader, your responses to this simple question can bring valuable insights.

Celebrating our successes is a skill we possess and use well. But we don’t always acknowledge the unhelpful habits and practices that we’ve stopped. I think when we don’t acknowledge these poor habits, they have a way of sneaking back into our work.

I invite you to think about the things you stopped doing this past year – behaviors, habits, practices, patterns

The benefit of doing this is twofold:

  • Celebrate your growth as a leader and your shift towards more positive behaviors.

  • You can keep your old habits in check, staying vigilant and preventing them from resurfacing. Those Well-Developed habits may feel familiar, but they are not beneficial anymore.

Having done this, let me invite you to do one more thing:

What will be the focus for the energy and time that you have freed up?

Are you focusing on things that help you grow and develop as a leader?

  • What are two or three results or experiences that you would like to bring about?

And will you share with me what you are saying “Good Riddance” to this year?

And for those celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I send you good wishes!

Until next time,






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