Podcast Adventures! Sharing Lessons in Leading Change

Podcast Adventures! Sharing Lessons in Leading Change

I’m doing something quite new for me—using guest appearances on several podcasts to offer lessons to a wider audience about leading change! organizational change examples

Yes, the rumors are true! You can now listen to me as I tell stories and share insights about what works in organizational change. 

I started doing this a few months back, and I’ve already booked 6 podcast appearances.

And I’m having so much fun!

I’m having great chats with interesting hosts, who themselves bring a range of experience and perspective to the conversation.

I have the opportunity to share cases from my client work over the years and to showcase the insights of my frameworks for change. organizational change examples

Each podcast so far has had a different focus. But what’s common is that I’m addressing leaders like you, speaking to the challenges and frustrations that too often mark your experience, and outlining steps you can take to make your experience as a leader smoother and calmer.


Critical Mistakes that Can Threaten Your Change Initiative (And How to Avoid Them):

I’ve identified 5 critical mistakes that many leaders make when they begin a change process. They occur again and again, and they can all be avoided if we know what to look out for. I share practical tips that will allow leaders to launch their change initiatives from a strong foundation.


Create the Foundation for Growth: Preparing Your Organization for Change:

Will your organization be ready when the opportunity for growth arrives? Effective leaders don’t wait until it’s too late and miss the opportunity for change. My research has identified 6 key organizational areas for proactive attention.


Getting Beyond the Quick Fix: Strategies for Lasting Change: 

Will you be able to sustain change once the initial process is over? Many leaders and organizations fall short in this area… I observe 5 Drivers for Sustaining Change, inter-connected and together enabling lasting change. I share practical tips and insights that leaders can use to build success.


The Power of Pushback: Why Resistance Drives Transformation:  

Rather than viewing resistance as an annoyance, something to be overcome, what would happen if we reframed it as a source of energy in support of change? If we take the time to listen to people, we can increase the likelihood of successful change.


The Complete Change Playbook: Leading the Three Phases of Change:

The urgency to get started with change means that the important work of preparation usually gets short-changed. I share a framework that helps leaders come to change in a practical way. My practical tips and insights will enable you to move through change with calm and confidence.


These conversations draw directly on my experience working with hundreds of leaders and their teams over many years. I’ve learnt so much from these experiences, and I’m happy to be sharing these practical insights and tips with leaders of all types! organizational change examples

Are you curious to hear more from me on these topics?

I love doing these podcasts and talks! 


What’s Next?

Creating a Foundation for Growth

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