Preparing Your Organization for Growth

Preparing Your Organization for Growth

Do you want your organization to grow and improve?

What sort of growth are you looking for?

After all, growth can be quantitative, like increased revenue, or qualitative, like improved efficiency and productivity.

However, growth won’t just happen on its own. The right conditions need to be in place before it will happen.

Many necessary conditions are external and out of a leader’s control the economy, demand, funding availability, and brand reputation. However, even with favorable external conditions, an organization might fail to grow if its people and systems are not prepared internally.

The famous scientist Louis Pasteur noted…  “In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.” A similar idea applies to growing organizationsChance favors only the prepared organization.

My research of leaders from over two dozen growing organizations revealed they shared a common trait. Despite their differences, all had proactively prepared for growth by first addressing internal constraints.

While each organization faced unique challenges, I have identified six key areas that enable organizational readiness for growth:

  • Purpose & Identity Are you clear on the mission of your organization? Do you have a strong sense of identity? Who are you?
  • Guiding Strategy Do you have a strategy that provides a clear direction? Does it guide all parts of the organization?
  • Proven Approach Does your Signature Approach work? Consistently? How do you know this?
  • Aligned Leaders Are all your leaders working together, guided by your Purpose and Strategy?
  • People & Processes Do your People and Processes have the capacity to grow? Will your culture support this?
  • Learning & Adaptation How well do you take in and make sense of changes and trends? Can you flex, adapt, and innovate?

Preparing these six elements requires significant effort but benefits the organization beyond just growth readiness. While the path to readiness varies by organization, addressing constraints proactively prepares you for growth when the time is right. 

Like Pasteur noted, chance favors the prepared!


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