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Hosting and Harvesting: an essential facilitation skill
We describe an approach that we are increasingly using in our work with groups – Hosting and Harvesting. This approach acknowledges the messy, ambiguous and complex environments in which organizations are working. We explore the way in which our engagement of participants begins with the Invitation to gather. The work of designing and hosting the Convening is a critical phase that enable people to dialogue with one another and explore new possibilities. And the process of Harvesting is ongoing, supporting the group in moving with clarity forward in the work they are doing.

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Unleashing Results for Groups Tackling Wicked Problems
We introduced our experience working with groups that don’t always (or often!) agree with one another, but have to find a way to get together in order to address the complex, messy (“wicked”) problems that are facing them. We shared lessons from our work with one group of organizations, which has resulted in international recognition for what they achieved together. We also described the practical tools that everyone can use to help their groups develop shared understanding and commitment on the way to achieving breakthrough results.
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Building Resilient Teams and Team Leaders
We spoke about our work with resilient teams in a variety of companies around the world, and the key Attitudes we have noticed in these teams. We also described some of the core Practices we use in supporting the growth, development and resilience of our client teams.
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Not in My Backyard! Mapping Complex Stakeholder Dialogue
This presentation describes the challenges of building consensus among a diverse and complex group of stakeholders (common in almost every organizational setting!). We introduce an approach called Dialogue Mapping and look at a practical example of how this was used to reach a decision among a group with very different interests in a complex setting.
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Designing Interactive Meetings and Events – what’s on the menu?
We have developed the Interactive Learning Matrix as a unique framework to guide you in designing interactive elements into meetings and events. The framework and the associated techniques engage participants and result in increased application of new ideas and commitment to decisions.
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The Challenges of Virtual Teaming in Complex Work Environments
This is Michael’s presentation at the 2005 conference “Virtual Teams and Collaboration” conference in available, where he describes insights from a project on virtual teams that he worked on at the World Bank.
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Designing Interactive Learning
This presentation introduces our signature framework on learning processes.
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