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Unfortunately the recordings of the webinars listed below have gone offline. Contact us if you are interested to learn more about these topics.


Theming and Harvesting – an Essential Facilitation Skill Enabled by Technology
Michael used this webinar to explore ways in which facilitators can help groups make sense of the large amounts of information that confront them in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). He used a case study to introduce the PLUME framework, and described a number of the software tools he uses to support groups in building awareness and insight, and building the energy to act.

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Team Communication and Decision-Making Webinar
Michael Randel of Randel Consulting Associates and Deb Krizmanich of Powernoodle jointly presented this webinar on October 22, 2014. In this webinar, Michael discussed practices that effective teams and organizations use to overcome challenges in team communication and decision-making, and he addressed hot to make multi-location teams more effective. The presenters then introduced how Powernoodle can be used to help multi-location teams work and manage projects effectively and improve productivity of meetings.

Designing Interactive Meetings and Events
Michael launched the new Webinar Series for the Mid Atlantic Facilitators Network (MAFN) with this session. He outlined the Interactive Learning Matrix, and explored some of the tools available to meeting leaders and facilitators.

Building Trust into the (Virtual) Strategic Planning Process
Michael was a panelist during the webinar on Building Trust into the (Virtual) Strategic Planning Process, hosted by Powernoodle Inc. Michael described our work on using virtual meetings with the Powernoodle tool to build trust among groups working on strategic national issues.
View a short recording of Michael’s presentation.

Designing Interactive Learning
This 1-hour recording provides an overview of the Interactive Learning Matrix, explores the benefits of engaging learning, and describes more than twenty ways in which we can design learning experiences that promote interaction. Examples from both face-to-face and virtual learning environments are provided.

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