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NEW! Business Acumen

describes how business and financial acumen are core competencies for successful organizations.

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“Using Managerial Transitions to Build Stronger Teams”
describes 10 ways a new manager can engage their leadership team to strengthen their organizations.
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“I See What You’re Saying” – Working with Visuals in Virtual Meetings”

describes a creative way of combining a desktop display with a Video Conference to help participants in a strategy meeting have a rich dialogue.
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Lessons Learned – a tool for reflection and learning
describes three steps a team or group can follow in reflecting on their work, such as the end of a project phase or a period implementing a strategic plan.
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Being strategic in volatile times
draws on our experience working with clients who are seeking to be strategic in a time of great uncertainty. The article introduces two ways that you can seek out and pay attention to the key issues that are likely to affect your organization as you engage in ongoing process of stratesgic thinking about your work.
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Holistic approach to project management
explores the challenge of balancing the technical, social and institutional components of a project in a dynamic environment.
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Planning for Implementation
This handbook is the second volume in a three-part series on project planning. Written by Michael Randel and published through Olive Publications in South Africa, the series drew on our practical experience working with organizations across South Africa.
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