Taking root

It’s impossible to be prepared for every eventuality as a leader, especially in times of challenge. It’s easy to feel pulled in multiple different directions, not knowing which choice is right for your context. 

This self-assessment tool will allow you to reflect on how your organization currently approaches change. This will help you identify specific areas of focus for further development when it comes to leading change. 

After you score your assessment, the document will guide you on steps you can take to be better prepared for future periods of change. 


What You'll Learn


Learn about areas that are important to leading change, and why they matter.


Where do you have areas to grow? Self-awareness is crucial for effective leadership.


You know where you excel and where you have a chance to improve. Learn what to do next.

How To Use It

Reflect on your organization’s current approach to change leadership style.

Honestly rank your strengths and weaknesses using the assessment tool.

Total up your score, figure out where you can improve, and explore the next steps.

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