Randel Consulting


We design and facilitate meetings and retreats for staff, members, or external stakeholders.

“[We faced] an issue that had proved divisive within [our] field and that threatened our ability to speak with one voice about federal funding for our field. Mr. Randel facilitated strategic dialogues that resulted in the creation of a unified position … and an ongoing collaboration around federal advocacy for the field… Exceptional.”
– President, National Association

Capabilities include:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Retreats
  • Focus groups
  • Multi-stakeholder workshops
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Virtual collaboration


Learn about Hosting and Harvesting – a fundamental approach that informs our approach to facilitation


“One of our convening participants wrote, ‘this was probably the best field-wide working meeting I’ve ever attended. The group dynamic and focused agenda played a strong role in achieving a set of action steps.’ ”
– Senior Director, National Nonprofit Association

Uniting State and National Associations around a Common Purpose
The Situation:
The museum field, consisting of over 18,000 museums across the United States, plays important cultural, educational, social and economic roles in cities and communities across the country. Individual museums are supported by an array of national, regional, and state organizations, all interested in ensuring that museums have the capacity to fulfill their mission. While national and regional organizations have become more closely aligned in recent years, there has continued to be great variation in the work and capacity of the state museum associations. More >

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