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We are a locally based team of leadership coaches with significant experience in supporting public sector organizations of all sizes. Our consulting experience takes place at local, national and global levels. We marshall this experience to provide Loudoun County with a team of resourceful, adaptable and responsive leadership coaches.

Our team is composed exclusively of professional coaches certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Each member brings deep experience in leadership coaching, with an average of 15 years’ experience as internal or external coaches. Our coaches typically inform their coaching practices from their own long experience as managers.

Our goal is supporting leaders to become more resourceful in managing the multiple personal and professional challenges that you face each day. This is achieved as you become more self-aware and aware of how you impact others, and develop the reflective skills to make sense of and navigate through each day.

Such transformation in leaders requires a core partnership is between the leader and their coach, a trusting, safe place in which the leader can afford to be vulnerable in order to learn how to be more effective.

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Our work with managers and supervisors in Loudoun County takes place under Master Agreement/Contract RFQ 594-B.

Meet Our Team

Marshall Brown, PCC
Leadership Coach
Marshall is a certified leadership coach, known for his passion for growth, and laser-like focus on results. Marshall believes that everyone has the capacity to succeed; through his intuitive and unique coaching techniques, he enables people to take hold of their inner power and unleash the champion within them. As a result, he has helped countless individuals, teams, and organizations hone their skills, thus reaching 100% optimum performance. Everything he does is results-driven and success-oriented. Marshall brings significant experience in leadership coaching to his work with individual and organizational clients. His clients include government and association executives, lawyers, health care professionals, CEOs and business entrepreneurs.

Sheila Diggs, PCC
Leadership Coach
Sheila has over 20 years of experience in developing leaders in public and private sector organizations, including financial services, international development, government and healthcare. With a specialization in executive coaching, leadership and team development, Sheila has worked extensively with technical experts to enhance their individual, organizational and interpersonal results through effective leadership. Some specific areas of focus for clients include creating vision; building and executing strategies to actualize their vision; developing emotional intelligence, developing talent in diverse working environments, building trust, mindful leadership and enhancing interpersonal communication t
o create strategic relationships.

Laurie Ellington, PCC
Leadership Coach
Laurie is an experienced Leadership Coach, and has developed a leading-edge neuroscience-based personal and leadership learning and development practice. She is also co-author of Six Steps to Unlocking Extraordinary Leadership: The Neuroscience of High Performance Leadership. Combining research from modern neuroscience, quantum physics, stress resilience, and mindfulness, she helps individuals, teams and organizations change the way they think, feel, and show up in the world. Laurie is appreciated for her ability to evoke untapped capacities and help people eliminate outdated habits that keep them from excelling. She believes that gaining a deeper understanding of human relationships plays a key role in shifting out of status quo to move positive change forward. Her philosophy is that change happens from the inside out versus the outside in, and people have the solutions within them.

Linda Gooding, ACC
Leadership Coach
Linda coaches clients for professional and personal effectiveness. Since 2003, she has worked with leaders at all levels – from the individual whose objective is to be more successful in achieving personal goals to managers and senior executives whose aim is to sharpen their leadership skills and abilities and move their organizations forward. Linda tailors her coaching to the unique needs of each individual, drawing on a wide range of models and assessments. She is especially successful in helping clients build the confidence necessary to accomplish their goals. During her former career in federal government, Linda served as supervisor, coach, and program manager.

Constance Morris Hope, PCC
Leadership Coach
Constance is a seasoned consultant specializing in Leader and Organizational Development in multicultural workplaces with over 35 years of experience in international organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academia. She works primarily with leaders, combining assessment, feedback, coaching, and consulting to help them identify areas for focus. Her client-focused approach assumes that all clients are ‘naturally creative, resourceful, and whole’. Through an appreciative and reflective process, Constance help clients gain greater self-awareness, discover their strongest personal and leadership attributes, broaden their perspectives, and develop their personal confidence to enhance communication with others, strengthen relationships, and improve results.

Paul McFadden, PCC
Leadership Coach
Paul is a seasoned executive and team coach, learning and development strategist, facilitator, speaker, advisor, and veteran of the US Navy/Merchant Marine Reserves. He has developed a leadership and workforce development practice with foundations in neuroscience, quantum physics and heart-intelligence. Paul is recognized for his ability to help leaders and organizations build a resilient culture of high performance through the integration of strategies and techniques grounded in science-based research (neuroscience, heart intelligence, quantum theory, systems thinking and mindfulness) with innovations in leadership, performance and change management practices.

Laura Mendelow, ACC
Leadership Coach
Laura provides Leadership and Team Development consulting to individuals, teams, and organizations. She believes “when you ‘get’ people, you get results.” Laura has made a career of applying psychology to the workforce. Laura’s experience, as both an external and internal consultant combined with a strong experiential training background, gives her a unique perspective in working with clients to create innovative yet sustainable results. She works in both the private and public sectors and works with a range of organizations at local, state and federal levels, as well as the private sector.

Sally Seppanen, PCC
Leadership Coach
Sally works with clients to help them manage feeling overwhelmed, communicate more effectively and exhibit a personal style of leadership that leads to long sought after goals. This is done through examining what a client wants to make happen and guiding conversations to the insights that make goals accessible and practices that make new behaviors sustainable. She delivers coaching to executives and those within the leadership pipeline to help them establish the actions and mindsets that will make them more successful. She also works with teams to help build communication, collaboration and understanding. This team development is crucial amidst increasing demands and levels of overload experienced within the workplace. She also works with individuals and groups to build their capacity to respond more ably to challenging situations with more satisfying responses.

Marion Smith, PCC
Leadership Coach
Marion  brings more than 20 years of business knowledge and skills to enrich her work with clients. When coaching, consulting, and facilitating, Marion works with clients to raise their self-awareness and increase understanding of situations and opportunities they face. She supports and challenges clients to uncover and explore their potential, enabling achievement of important personal and organizational goals. Her ability to focus on core issues and possibilities while considering the ‘big picture’ allows identification of key areas for impact and improvement and provides unique insights for clients. Working with integrity and focusing on her clients’ needs, she offers leaders and executives a business relationship based on trust, confidential discussion and the exploration of opportunities and practical solutions for personal growth, the resolution of issues and achievement of results.

Michael Randel
Coaching Program Manager
Michael has spent the last 25 years working with organizations going through change, many in the public sector, tackling messy, ‘wicked’ problems to which there are no easy answers. Michael founded Randel Consulting Associates, LLC, in 2010, a consulting firm that leads organizations through change and change. He is an experienced organizational development consultant and a master facilitator. He has worked as a consultant for such organizations as the World Bank, NASA and the US Green Building Council.  Michael’s broad experience includes coaching individuals, leading project teams, facilitating meetings of all sizes, and advising on enterprise-wide change processes.

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