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Michael Randel
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Learning/Training
Michael is a certified facilitator and a learning and organizational development professional who has worked with clients in more than 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. His work is driven by his passion for strengthening organizations and the people who work in them. He founded Randel Consulting Associates in 2006, and he is based in Washington, DC. Full Bio >

Heather Berthoud
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Heather is a thoughtful and trusted partner to organizational leaders. Her practical results-orientation improves leaders’ and organizations’ ability to accomplish their goals, learn and enjoy. She is based in Washington, DC.

Michael Ciszewski
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Michael is a team development specialist who has worked across a wide range of industries, including financial services, international development, and the non-profit sector. He has proven ability to assist groups in clarifying vision, developing strategy and having conversations that matter. He is based in Washington, DC and London.

Sally Colella
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Sally is an executive coach who translates cutting-edge frameworks into practical approaches that provide clients with new pathways to create desired results. She works with leaders to sharpen their awareness and develop presence that mobilizes teams to achieve their goals. She is based in Washington, DC.

Paul Cooper
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Paul uses meeting facilitation, strategic planning, and organization development to help people work together and develop consensus faster and more efficiently. His deft touch and lively approach make it easier for leaders to organize their facts, consider options, listen, analyze, and come together to make smart decisions about the future. He is based in Washington, DC.

Lillian Dunn
Focus: Evaluation, Surveys
Lillian is a professional evaluator, and her work focuses on designing and implementing evaluation protocols and products to maximize lessons learned across a variety of audiences. Lillian has over ten years of applied evaluation experience in governmental and nonprofit organizations. As an evaluator, she has examined the implementation and impact of a wide variety of programs and policies . She lives near Washington DC.

Laurie Ellington
Focus: Coaching
Laurie is an experienced executive coach and has developed a leading-edge neuroscience-based personal and leadership learning and development practice. Combining research from modern neuroscience, quantum physics, stress resilience, and mindfulness, she helps individuals, teams and organizations change the way they think, feel, and show up in the world. She is based in Washington, DC.

Christiane Frischmuth
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Christiane is a certified leadership and team coach, facilitator, and change management and organizational development consultant. She partners with her clients to create learning experiences and change processes for individuals, groups and organizations. Christiane has deep experience in developing and facilitating global, results-based leadership programs. She is based in Washington, DC.

Walt Hogan
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Walt is an accredited leadership coach with over 25 years of experience. His professional expertise is in the areas of strategic planning, team and group facilitation, performance management, conflict management, inclusion management and strategic customer satisfaction development. Walt provides OD/HRD interventions and executive leadership coaching for public private and non-profit organizations.  He is based in Falls Church, VA.

Ayana Coston Jordan
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching, DEI
Ayana is a certified Executive, Leadership and Life coach with significant Human Resources and Organization Development experience. She focuses on helping client’s step into their fullest potential as leaders. She believes in direct, clear and honest communication and that true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are the foundation for a successful world. She is based in Washington DC.

Paul McFadden
Focus: Coaching
Paul is a seasoned executive and team coach, learning and development strategist, facilitator, speaker, advisor, and veteran of the US Navy/Merchant Marine Reserves. He has developed a leadership and workforce development practice with foundations in neuroscience, quantum physics and heart-intelligence. He is based in Washington, DC.

Charmaine Reddy
Focus: Operations Manager

Charmaine is an experienced Office Manager whose experience working with Organization Development/Training organizations enable her to understand and be responsive to the needs of  clients. She approaches her work with a sense of commitment that comes from her belief that work is important and meaningful, and will often go the extra mile to ensure excellence.  Charmaine lives in Canada.

Julia Thompson
Focus: OD, Facilitation, Coaching
Julia is a coach, facilitator, and OD practitioner whose work in training, capacity and leadership development spans three continents. Julia supports teams and individuals to navigate change and complexity in their work and institutions. Racial equity and anti-racism also feature in her assignments. She lives in Ottawa.

Chantelle Wyley
Focus: Coaching
Chantelle is a coach, facilitator, and trainer specializing in project/program management and leadership development using emotional intelligence and the Gestalt approach. She works with leaders in the public and private sector around personal development, diversity, and how to cultivate powerful personal presence and resonant relationships. She is based in Cape Town.

Our network of associates includes many other experienced OD consultants, facilitators and coaches based in the United States, Canada, Ghana, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK.


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