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We at Randel Consulting Associates are passionate about helping people and organizations optimize their potential, so they are stronger, more successful, and positioned for future growth.

We have been helping international and global organizations successfully go through transformation ever since our company’s beginning in South Africa more than 20 years ago. Over the years, we’ve seen and experienced a lot of different issues and challenges. Our clients benefit from our global perspective, because we understand their diverse circumstances and can bring different ways of thinking that help our clients make sense of complex situations.

Our clients regularly say we have a special style that brings people together to address complex issues. We are known for our diplomacy and tact, and for quickly establishing a rapport and trust with our clients that enables us to move things forward quickly and effectively.

“In these uncertain times, I always turn to Michael and his team to guide me and my organization. He has helped us by directing us towards positive processes for our future.”
– Executive Director, Education Association

We are also known for our ability to take tricky dynamics, or controversial issues, and successfully get everyone onto the same page, where they can collaborate and work together toward a common goal.

Michael’s ability to understand and address issues with team dynamics even when they are not easily articulated by the team itself is a rare and valuable ability”
– Executive Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Ultimately, our clients are stronger, more successful, and positioned for future growth. They tell us they see a huge increase in support and buy-in for common goals, knowledge-sharing, more effective leadership, and ability to achieve goals and incorporate results into current and future projects.

“We could not have achieved a complex series of virtual and in-person meetings without Michael and his team. They do it all and they do it well.”
– Senior Program Officer, Philanthropic Foundation


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