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Did you miss our webinar on October 22 on how to improve team communications and decision-making?

Do any of the teams you are part of struggle with communication and decision- making? Are you finding that having team members in different locations — whether they are on a different floor or a different country — makes these processes even more challenging?

The good news is that you and your colleagues can develop practices that will help you overcome these challenges!

We hosted this webinar to describe the practices that effective teams and organizations use to overcome these challenges. We also introduced Powernoodle, a cloud-based software tool that helps organizations and teams improve their communication and make better decisions. Participants in the webinar discovered how Powernoodle enables multi-location teams to work and manage projects effectively, reducing the number of conference calls and improving the productivity of meetings.

The webinar was presented jointly by Michael Randel (Randel Consulting Associates) and Deb Krizmanich (Powernoodle)

You can view a recording of the webinar here.

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Contact us to learn how we can support your team in improving communication and decision-making, or to find out how we use the Powernoodle tool to support teams, whether they are in one place or multiple locations.

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