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Case Studies


Uniting State and National Associations around a Common Purpose
The Situation:
The museum field, consisting of over 18,000 museums across the United States, plays important cultural, educational, social and economic roles in cities and communities across the country. Individual museums are supported by an array of national, regional, and state organizations, all interested in ensuring that museums have the capacity to fulfill their mission. While national and regional organizations have become more closely aligned in recent years, there has continued to be great variation in the work and capacity of the state museum associations. More >

Organization Development

Rebuilding Trust in a Geographically Dispersed Team
The Situation:
Trust and relationships had broken down in a team whose members were in three different locations. A series of events had resulted in staff refusing to speak with one another or cooperate on important organizational projects. The team’s work was critical for the organization’s operations, and the situation was beginning to have a wider effect across the organization and its partners. More >


An Innovative Approach to Just –In –Time Learning for New CEOs
The Situation:
Over 22 million people, predominantly poor and living in medically underserved areas, receive their healthcare through federally funded Community Health Centers. There are over 1200 Community Health Centers across the United States, and each year several hundred undergo a CEO transition. Many of the newly appointed CEOs have no prior experience as CEOs, in Community Health Centers, or in leading organizations that must manage and account for federal funds. Every year, a number of these new CEOs fail to become effective and end up leaving their posts, resulting in further turmoil for their organization. More >

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