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Making the Most of a Windfall!

Let's say that you have received an unexpected grant to your organization. It's a large sum of money - equivalent to your annual operating budget! And there are no strings attached to how you can use these funds. This unimaginable…

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Facilitation Skills Program

  Are you looking to enhance your team leadership skills and take your team's performance to the next level? If so, I want to extend an invitation to join me in the Facilitation Skills Online Program. I've been a facilitator…

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Get on the Ladder!

  Gardening, like leading change, is hard work. If you’re not bending over to till the soil and remove stones, you're on your knees caring for seedlings or removing weeds. From this position, it's really easy to lose sight of…

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Lead Like a Gardener

What does growth in an organization look like? It isn’t unusual to imagine this as a never-ending upward trajectory, like a rocket fired into space. You quickly realize though, that this isn’t realistic or sustainable. Once the initial momentum fizzles…

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Are plans worth it?

Raise your hand if you have made a plan for your team's work. Or if you are following a plan at the moment, guiding the implementation of your project. Now read what General Dwight Eisenhower said when he was responsible…

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