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What exactly is an effective team?

Is a team productive if they complete the task on time, but had such a toxic experience in doing so that they never want to work together again? I was once part of a team like this. We were four people, brought together from different parts of the world, to...


Reading For A Change

It’s summertime as I write, a time when things slow down from the usual pace we experience for the rest of the year. So I’m enjoying taking time to read some new books and revisit old favorites. I think you will enjoy them too!   Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman...


Learn and Adjust As You Go

You bring the change team together for one of your regular meetings. The change initiative has been underway for six months. You’ve been following the “rolling six month plan” that you developed together. You have just completed a round of collecting progress data. And things are… just a bit off course....


SCAMPER your way to innovative solutions

Do you remember how you felt in April 2020? That was the point when we all began to realize that this COIVD-19 pandemic might be around for longer than we had anticipated. And all the plans we had for the year were in jeopardy! Remember that feeling? We realized that...