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And here’s to 2016!

And here’s to 2016!

It’s been quite a while since I posted a new blog, and my excuse is … I’ve been busy!

The last two years have been an intensely interesting period for me, both in the work I do and in how I approach the work of supporting organizations manage change and growth.

I’ve had the privilege of working on some very interesting projects with clients across the United States, and in a number of other countries.  While I can’t go into details about specific projects (client confidentiality!), I have written up a case study on one of the projects.  And I plan to develop further case stories about what I’m learning from this work that can be useful to leaders in other organizations.

I’ve also had the good fortune of participating in a fascinating learning program over the last 18 months. Being a participant in the International Gestalt Organization and Leadership Development (iGOLD) program gave me the opportunity to working with a great faculty team and a wonderfully diverse group of fellow learners from around the world. I gained much insight into how I do my practice in working with groups and organizations, and it has been interesting to see the results as I bring this to my ongoing work.

So I’m looking forward to this new year, to making some more periodic posts here, and to seeing what’s going to unfold in our global society, and in our organizations.

So here’s my wish for what you might experience throughout this year…

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